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Skills required for curriculum development at nursing education institutions

posted on 2023-08-08, 08:50 authored by Mamokete Charlotte DigangoaneMamokete Charlotte Digangoane

Data for a non-experimental, descriptive, quantitative study. A non-probability stratified random sampling was used to select respondents. A web-based self-administered questionnaire was shared with 320 Gauteng Province nurse educators and 82 (25.6%) responded. Collected data was analyzed using the International Business Machine for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, version 28. The exploratory factor analysis, the Cronbach alpha together with the Spearman’s rho, the independent-samples, the Kruskal-Mann-Whitney U test; and the Kruskal-Wallis tests were done. The study found that the Gauteng province nurse educators, who responded to the study, demonstrated that the feeling of inadequate training, the lack of confidence in proper communication and presentation skills, the development of study modules, the review skills, and the knowledge of managing finances and assets limited them.



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