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Temperature, salinity and Rainfall analysis of the Olifants and Breede estuaries .xlsx (7.81 MB)

Temperature, salinity and rainfall analysis of the Olifants and Breede estuaries

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posted on 2023-07-31, 13:40 authored by Edwin GreylingEdwin Greyling

This MS Excel data has been processed into line graphs to create time series line graphs and data tables which give insight into changing physiochemical water quality characteristics and influences. 

The study sets out to determine if climate change has had an influence on physiochemical water quality characteristics both within and between the Breede and Olifants estuaries over a nine year monitoring period. The data represents changes and comparisons between salinity, temperature and rainfall within and between the Olifants and Breede river estuaries in the Wester Cape Province of South Africa.



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