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The impact of agro-input among smallholder farmers in Sironko district, Uganda

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posted on 2022-12-20, 08:09 authored by Emmanuel BukuwaEmmanuel Bukuwa, Moraka N Makhura

Dataset for a cross-sectional survey of 249 participants. The data was collected on 126 savings groups (SGs) participants and 123 non-participants.This study took place in Uganda in the district of Sironko. The study was a cross sectional survey conducted using a face-to-face structured questionnaire. The study had two populations, the population of savings group members, and that of non-savings group members. Within the population of savings group members, there were strata, that is, the savings groups were composed of between 4 to 90 individuals. While the population of the non-savings group members was uniform. Within the population of savings group members, stratified random sampling was used to obtain the respondents. 

All 300 SGs gathered from the Sironko district local government and non-governmental organisations were tabulated in the Excel program with their corresponding contact details and addresses. The groups were sampled by simple random sampling using the Excel function (=RAND). This function assigns a random number to each row within the table. The table was then put in descending order using the random numbers column. The first 125 groups were picked to be interviewed for the study. Only one participant was interviewed from each SG. The data was entered and coded using Excel before exporting to STATA 15, the software package used for analysis. 


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