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The influence of 4IR on talent management for modern day employees within an organization

posted on 2023-04-21, 10:34 authored by Andrew BourdosAndrew Bourdos

This dataset contains the code book used for the mini dissertation titled 'Towards understanding the Influences of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on talent management'. The code book shows which quotations gathered from the research participants where used to form the discussion and findings of the research paper, regarding the various influences of the 4th Industrial Revolution on talent management. 

The various quotations where divided up, where relevant, amongst the 5 main indentified influences of the study, namely: The war for talent, The new focus on talent management, The impact of technology on the talent management process, The new virtual working environment and The people element. The quotations where further used to answer and elaborate on the 4 main questions that make up each of the above mentioned influences, namely: “What is it?”, “What caused it?”, “What are its impacts on talent management” and “How has the organisation reacted to it”?  

The final section of the code book is made up of a small number of quotations that contribute towards "unconfirmed influences on talent management”, which is an additional section of the study’s findings dedicated to allowing for future research to be conducted based upon this mini dissertation. 



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