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The sustained success of female executives in elite law firms in South Africa

posted on 2020-12-01, 14:59 authored by Pfano RasivhetshelePfano Rasivhetshele
Research project data set for MBA requirement. Interviews and transcripts were employed as data collection methods. The information was obtained from female executives within elite law firms in South Africa. They contain information about their companies and specific practitioners which the researcher agreed to keep confidential and that is the basis on which ethical clearance was obtained. The research report anonymized all participants names. The data and information therein should therefore never be shared with third parties unless specific consent was acquired from the participants themselves. When the data was gathered participants were not advised not to share their names or organisational names. It would therefore be unethical to ever release the recordings publically. As it is possible that the release of this information would be detriment to the interests of the participants.