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The use of Virtual Reality (VR) simulation as a technology tool influence teacher's pedagogy

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The nature of this study is antipositivist with a focus on a constructivist-interpretivist paradigm, with the view that the world is socially constructed. The interpretivist paradigm primarily focuses on human experience to acquire an understanding and account for an individual's actions. The individuals are eight Intermediate Phase teachers (participants) teaching from the purposefully sampled sites in South Africa. This interpretivist researcher observed, interviewed and examined the participants' lessons where virtual reality was integrated as a teaching and learning resource. The data was analysed thematically and was interpreted and represented using an inductive approach to code and analyse the information. Codes were generated and themes were formed from the sub-themes of the study. The datasets presented represent the themes, sub-themes and comments related to the PhD thesis, entitled ‘The influence of Virtual Reality as an educational tool on teachers' pedagogy’. There are also two graphic representations of the findings from the analysis of the data. Pseudonyms of participants were utilized instead of participants' real names.


2020 Post Graduate Doctoral Bursary



Science, Mathematics and Technology Education

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