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Three fruit fly (Diptera and Tephritidae) species to different commercial lures and trap attractants

Files containing datasets used for statistical analyses in the dissertation titled "Environmental and physiological correlates of response by three fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) species to commercial lures". The following variables were investigated: fly age, sex, adult diet, semiochemical pre-exposure, temperature, relative humidity and light intensity.
  • Ceratitis capitata - Biolure, E.G.O Pherolure and trimedlure
  • Ceratitis cosyra - Biolure and E.G.O Pherolure
  • Bactrocera dorsalis - Biolure and methyl eugenol

The first data chapter investigated the effects of weather and fly physiology on the performance of fruit fly attractants under field conditions. The dataset for this chapter is titled "Pogue_Effects of nutritional_Data_2024_Chapter One". The following fruit fly-lure responses were assessed in this chapter:

The second data chapter established the responsiveness of B. dorsalis to traps baited with methyl eugenol when pre-treated with selected semiochemicals and nutritional supplements under varying semi-field conditions. The dataset for this chapter is titled "Pogue_Effects of semiochemical_Data_2024_Chapter Two".



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