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Three round modified online Delphi study to reach consensus on person-centred handover practices in emergency departments

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posted on 2023-11-14, 14:07 authored by Santel de LangeSantel de Lange, Tanya Heyns, Celia Filmalter

Between the period of February and May 2023 a three round modified online Delphi study was conducted to reach consensus on the attributes and concept definition of person-centred handover practices between emergency care practitioners and healthcare professionals in the emergency department. Participants were requested to complete a questionnaire of predefined attributes and concept definition. A rating of 1 to 4 on a Likert scale was used and participants had to explain their rating of each. After each round three members of the research team assessed the level of consensus based on percentage of agreement and comments were analysed used content analysis. Adjustments were then made to the attributes and concept definition and returned to participants to complete the online questionnaire again with the updated information. Anonymous feedback on the previous round was provided to participants. Consensus was identified as a % above 70 for each attribute and the concept definition. The dataset contains data gathered during each round as well as the refinements made after analysis.




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