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Ultrasonic pulse velocity data for Maitland and Stellawood cemeteries, and laboratory experimental data to establish ultrasonic pulse velocity equipment limitations

posted on 2023-11-02, 10:32 authored by Michael LoubserMichael Loubser

Cemeteries were used as time-series laboratories to assess weathering effects on gabbro stone as a function of different climatic forcings. Tombstones were measured using ultrasonic pulse velocity, which is a recognised assessment proxy for material structural integrity. In order to use this technique, it had to be carefully studied so as to limit experimental error, and then deployed in the field at cemeteries in different locations. The files presented here show the following:

Lab work: experiments were carried out to assess the effects of ultrasonic couplant and transducer alignment

Field work: An array of tombstones at Maitland Cemetery (Cape Town) and Stellawood Cemetery (Durban) were assessed using the developed experimental method.



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