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Analysis of the prioritisation of no-regret solutions to address food system disruption in central Mozambique

posted on 2024-05-15, 13:53 authored by Crisaldo JorgeCrisaldo Jorge, Olwethu Loki, Wegayehu Fitawek, Sikwela Misery Mpuzu

These datasets consist of responses obtained from participants collected through Google forms on their prioritization of no-regret solutions to address food system disruption in central Mozambique. The main dataset is comprised of categorical independent variables such as representation of participant and dependent variables comprising of choices/actions grouped under various themes, agricultural actions, education, training and public awareness actions, financial actions and public institutions actions.

Each thematic group had pre-defined actions of no-regret solutions to food system disruption in central Mozambique in which participants reported their priority/desirable solutions. The first step involved aggregation and providing an overall rank on which thematic area was best prioritized to address food system disruption. Agricultural options ranked first, followed by education and training and third public institutions actions. Financial action choices were the least prioritized across all themes. In the second step analysis, the dataset was further analysed to rank across each thematic area by the action that received the highest agreement to be most priority and in the final step multiple thematic action priority analysis was conducted.



Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

Sustainable Development Goals

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