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Analyses of plants from the Rubiaceae family identifying the occurence of streptol and kirkamide

posted on 2024-03-06, 13:01 authored by Monique BlignautMonique Blignaut

Results indicating the occurence of kirkamde and streptol in various Vangueria species for its possible role in the cause of gousiekte. From the GC-MS results it was clear that none of the species investigated contained kirkamide. The toxin kirkamide thus do not play a role in the cause of gousiekte as none of the gousiekte-causing species contained the toxin. Seasonal comparisons of V. pygmaea also supports this statement. Only three species were analysed for the presence of streptol namely F. homblei, V. pygmaea and V. infausta. By making use of NMR and UPLC-QToF analyses streptol was identified in V. pygmaea and V. infausta. Although V. infausta is not a gousiekte-causing species it has never been investigated as a possibility thus it cannot be confidently said that streptol does not play a role in the cause of gousiekte.



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