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Experiments on assessment of a continuous-flow atmospheric air dielectric barrier discharge in the degradation of pharmaceutical contaminants in Aqueous Solutions

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posted on 2024-03-25, 11:12 authored by Samuel BabalolaSamuel Babalola

The data contains figures and tables from the experiment on the assessment of a continuous-flow atmospheric air dielectric barrier discharge reactor in the degradation of tramadol, cefixime and carbamazepine pharmaceuticals. The optical emission spectrum was captured using a spectrometer to show the reactive species generated by the plasma reactor, and this data was interpreted by comparing the waveform from multiple literature sources. The other data sets contain the degradation efficiency of the reactor for the degradation of the respective pharmaceutical investigated at different operating conditions (voltage input, concentrations, pH, conductivity, water flow rate and so on). In addition, the variation in the concentration of the reactive species was measured in the solution and reported in the data set provided. Ion chromatography data were also reported for the cations and anions measured in real water matrices (tap and final wastewater effluent).


Government of the United Kingdom through The Royal Society FLAIR Award Number: [FLR\R1\201683]

University of Pretoria (UP) Postgraduate Bursary



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