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Geometric skew-Cauchy distribution as an alternative to the skew-normal and geometric skew-normal distributions

posted on 2022-01-31, 10:52 authored by Xander HeaneyXander Heaney
These figures were used in the dissertation that presented a new distribution as an alternative to two existing distributions. The dissertation contains figures of the PDF of the different distributions. Comparisons between the different PDFs for specific parameter values were also plotted. The new distribution's PDF was plotted, along with different parameter values for behavioral observations. Comparisons of CDFs were also made, along with survival functions - all were plotted individually and against each other. Figures for data analysis were also provided to compare different models that were fitted to a specific data set. Furthermore, summary figures were also included to summarize the proceedings of each chapter.


National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Africa, Reference: SRUG190308422768 grant No. 120839; Academic Statistics Funding Instrument grant No. 127946; SARChI Research Chair UID71199.



Department of Statistics