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Stiffness of bridge abutment caused by seasonal temperature changes

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posted on 2023-03-07, 10:02 authored by Garfield HavemannGarfield Havemann

The data identifies the effects of integral bridge abutment stiffness during soil ratcheting caused by temperature change through experimental design. More specifically, seasonal temperature changes were investigated as the bridge deck is expected to expand the most during these cycles compared to daily cycles. 

The earth pressure evolution and resiliency of a coarse silisca sand (as shown in figures 4_4-4_5, 5_13-5_26, and 5_34), mechanical behaviour of the sand particles (displacements and particle flow as shown in figures 5_27-5_33), and the overall structural behaviour (deflection, curvature, and bending moments as shown in figures 4_1-4_3 and 4_6-5_12) were evaluated experimentally by varying the stiffness of the substructure of several model integral abutment specimens that were constructed from reinforced concrete.





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