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The Lambda-nuclear and multi-Lambda systems spectral points including the low-energy scattering parameters at different angular momentum

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posted on 2024-03-25, 10:56 authored by Ishmael GopaneIshmael Gopane

The set of first order coupled differential equations equivalent to the Schrodinger equation describing the quantum systems were obtained and solved numerically on the Fortran environment. We used the the first-order differential equations to calculate the Jost matrix or Jost functions, then construct the S-matrix. Once the S-matrix is obtained then the poles of the matrix on the complex energy plane gives us the spectral points (i.e. the bound and resonance states). The resonances appear on the fourth energy plane quadrant and bound states appear on the negative real energy axis. The S-matrix residues at the bound states as well as the Asymptotic normalization and nuclear vertex constants were obtained. The scattering parameters for different angular momentum were obtained via S-matrix along the positive energy axis.




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