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Analysis of sexual performance of female and male Mediterranean fruit flies at different temperatures

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posted on 2022-09-29, 10:27 authored by Christopher WeldonChristopher Weldon, John S. Terblanche, Henrika Bosua, Kévin MalodKévin Malod, Steven L Chown

Data for a Journal article titled 'Male Mediterranean fruit flies prefer warmer temperatures that improve sexual performance' published on Journal of Thermal Biology, Volume 108, August 2022, 103298.

The dataset contains R scripts and digital data on the thermal preference of virgin and sexually mature Mediterranean fruit flies (Ceratitis capitata), that test the idea of sex-related variation in thermal preference results from different reproductive benefits for each sex.

Three specific hypotheses were tested:

Hypothesis 1. Sexually mature, virgin male C. capitata prefer higher temperatures to facilitate increased calling behaviour
Hypothesis 2. Sexually mature, virgin male C. capitata prefer higher temperatures to facilitate sexual performance

Hypothesis 3. Female C. capitata prefer lower temperatures to improve reproductive output through more efficient conversion of food to eggs.

R scripts used to analyse the accompanying data files are:

Gradients.R: Gradients.csv; Temp_VP.csv; Temp_Evaporation.csv

Thermal pref_male performance.R: Preference_data.csv; Male_calling.csv; Mating.csv

Thermal pref female performance.R: Survival.csv; Eggs_cumulative.csv; Eggs_total.csv; Female_consumption.csv
Thermal pref female biochem.R: Female_biochem.csv


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