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Establishing the reliability and validity of the German-translated versions of mental health and wellbeing scales

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posted on 2024-06-24, 14:24 authored by Marien GrahamMarien Graham, Irma EloffIrma Eloff

There are many instruments/scales available to measure mental health and wellbeing; however, most of these have been validated in English. The dataset contains items from the Fragility of Happiness scale (FrHS; Joshanloo, 2013), the Flourishing Scale (FS; Diener et al., 2009) and the Mental Health Continuum Short Form (MHC-SF; Keyes, 2009) that have been translated from the validated English version to German. SPSS version 29 was used to analyse the data and the data is provided in SPSS form. Note that the SPSS file contains the English items; however, the questionnaires/scales were distributed in German in Austria, and the dataset reflects the data collected within this context. More specifically, the data was collected in Austrain higher education institutions, as the mental health and wellbeing of higher education institution are of great importance, as it can influence the mental health and wellbeing of society as a whole.



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