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Identifying energy extraction optimisation strategies of actinobacillus succinogenes

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posted on 2021-08-24, 13:03 authored by Waldo Lexow, Hendrik Gideon BrinkHendrik Gideon Brink, Willie Nicol, Sekgetho Mokwatlo
Data used in publication "Identifying Energy Extraction Optimisation Strategies of Actinobacillus succinogenes".
It was found that the microbe successively utilised its most-to-least efficient energy extraction pathways, providing evidence of an energy optimisation survival strategy. Moreover, data from this study suggest a pyruvate overflow mechanism as a means to throttle acetic and formic acid production, indicating a scenario in which the external concentration of these acids play a role in the energy extraction capabilities of the organism. Data also indicates a fleeting regime where A. succinogenes utilises an oxidised environment to its advantage for ATP production.



Chemical Engineering