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  • The Effect of Cobalt Catalyst Loading at Very High Pressure Plasma-Catalysis in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
  • Socio-economic impacts of energy access through off-grid systems in rural communities: a case study of southwest Nigeria
  • Inactivation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and antibiotic-resistance genes in wastewater streams: Current challenges and future perspectives
  • The production of polyhydroxyalkanoates using volatile fatty acids derived from the acidogenic biohydrogen effluents: An overview
  • An integrated waste-to-energy approach: A resilient energy system design for sustainable communities
  • Vapor-liquid equilibrium data for 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidone + (1-butanol or 1-hexene or water) binary mixtures
  • Experimental study of hydrocarbons synthesis from syngas by a tip-tip electrical discharge at very high pressure
  • The application of non-thermal plasma-catalysis in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis at very high pressure: The effect of cobalt loading
  • Remediation of Pharmaceutical-Wastecontaining Municipal Wastewater Using a Novel Nonthermal Plasma Reactor
  • Comparison of the Degradation and Kinetics of Tramadol Pharmaceutical in Deionized Water and Tertiary Wastewater Effluent by a Dielectric Barrier Discharge
  • Plasma Technology: A Novel Approach for Deactivating Pathogens in Natural Eco-Systems
  • Numerical Simulation of Helium Arc at High Pressure and Low Current
  • Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibition of Essential Oil-Based Inhibitors on Aluminum Alloys
  • Fractionation of Yellow Thatching Grass (Hyparrhenia filipendula) for Sugar Production Using Combined Alkaline and Deep Eutectic Solvent Pretreatment
  • Fate of Critically Ranked Carbapenem-Resistant Klebsiella Pneumoniae in Plasma-Treated Water
  • CHAPTER 11. Limiting Activity Coefficients: New Procedures, Computations and Measurements
  • Modeling and Simulation of Low Current Atmospheric and High-Pressure Helium Plasma Discharges
  • Extraction and Characterization of Cellulose Nanofibers From Yellow Thatching Grass (Hyparrhenia filipendula) Straws via Acid Hydrolysis
  • Vapour-liquid equilibrium of propionic acid+caproic acid, isobutyric acid+caproic acid, valeric acid+caproic acid and caproic acid+enanthoic acid binary mixtures
  • Experimental study on the formation of higher fluorocarbons from CF 4 by a tip-tip electrical arc discharge at very high pressure
  • MHD Modeling of the Tip-to-Plane Plasma Arc Behaviour at Very High Pressure in CF4
  • Hydrocarbons synthesis from syngas by very high pressure plasma
  • Vapour-liquid equilibrium of carboxylic acid-alcohol binary systems: 2-Propanol+butyric acid, 2-butanol+butyric acid and 2-methyl-1-propanol+butyric acid
  • Assessment of carbon dioxide dissociation as a new route for syngas production: A comparative review and potential of plasma-based technologies
  • Dry reforming of methane in a tip-tip arc discharge reactor at very high pressure
  • Isothermal vapour-liquid equilibrium data for the binary systems 2-propanone + (2-butanol or propanoic acid)
  • Investigation of tetrafluoromethane as a plasma gas in a very high pressure/low current dc batch reactor by means of 3D MHD modelling
  • 3D magnetohydrodynamic modelling of a dc low-current plasma arc batch reactor at very high pressure in helium
  • Carbon Dioxide to Energy: Killing Two Birds with One Stone
  • Kinetics of Oxidation of Fructose, Sucrose and Maltose by Potassium Permanganate in NaCO3/NaOH Buffer and Iridium (IV) complex in Sodium Acetate/Acetic Acid Buffer
  • Empirical Prediction of Optimum Process Conditions of Spark Plasma-Sintered Magnesium Composite (AZ91D-Ni-GNPs) Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) Approach
  • Vapor–Liquid Equilibrium for Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK) + (1-Propanol or 2-Propanol) Binary Mixtures
  • Isothermal Vapor–Liquid Equilibrium for the 2-Pentanone (MPK) + 2-Methyl Propan-1-ol Binary Mixture
  • Vapor–Liquid Equilibrium Measurements of Ether Alcohol Blends for Investigation on Reformulated Gas
  • Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Data for 2,3-Pentanedione + (Acetaldehyde or Acetone) at (100, 150, and 200) kPa
  • The Production of Biogenic Silica from Different South African Agricultural Residues through a Thermo-Chemical Treatment Method
  • Plasma-Catalytic Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis at Very High Pressure
  • Evaluation and risk assessment of heavy metals in surface water collected along the Isipingo River, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  • An Electrohydraulic Direct Current Discharge for Inactivation of Escherichia coli in High-Bacterial Density Wastewaters
  • A Review on Antimicrobial Packaging for Extending the Shelf Life of Food
  • The effect of pre‐pyrolysis chemical treatment of waste tyre rubber crumbs: comparison between pre‐treated and conventional waste tyre derived oil
  • Fabrication and Application of Ag, Black TiO2 and Nitrogen-Doped 3D Reduced Graphene Oxide (3D Black TiO2/Ag/N@rGO) Evaporator for Efficient Steam Generation
  • The effect of pre‐pyrolysis chemical treatment of waste tyre rubber crumbs: comparison between pre‐treated and conventional waste tyre‐derived oil
  • Synthesis of Low Density and High Purity Silica Xerogels from South African Sugarcane Leaves without the Usage of a Surfactant
  • Life cycle and end-of-life waste management of disposable diapers: a mini-review
  • Investigation of Eggshell Agro-Industrial Waste as a Potential Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in Oil and Gas Industry
  • Introduction: Corrosion basics and corrosion testing
  • Non-Thermal Plasma Review: Assessment and Improvement of Feasibility as a Retrofitted Technology in Tertiary Wastewater Purification
  • Removal efficiency and energy consumption optimisation for carbamazepine degradation in wastewater by electrohydraulic discharge
  • Embracing the future of circular bio-enabled economy: unveiling the prospects of microbial fuel cells in achieving true sustainable energy
  • Removal efficiency and energy consumption optimization for carbamazepine degradation in wastewater by electrohydraulic discharge
  • An investigation on the removal of tramadol analgesic in deionized water and final wastewater effluent using a novel continuous flow dielectric barrier discharge reactor
  • Advances in understanding kinetic mechanisms underlying waste ground tyre rubber pyrolysis
  • Fractionation of yellow thatching grass (Hyparrhenia filipendula) for sugar production using combined Alkaline and Deep eutectic solvent pretreatment
  • Extraction and characterization of cellulose nanofibers from yellow thatching grass (Hyparrhenia filipendula) straws via acid hydrolysis
  • h-BN nanosheet-modified Ag2WO4 nanocomposite for improved photocatalytic dye removal: Insights into catalyst stability and reusability
  • Trends in Computer Networking Congestion Control: A Bibliometric Analysis
  • Synthesis and Characterisation of Menthol-Based Hydrophobic Deep Eutectic Solvents
  • Microstructure, Mechanical, Tribological and Synergistic strengthening mechanisms of nickel/graphene nanoplatelets hybrid reinforced AZ91D magnesium-based matrix composites via spark plasma sintering
  • Sustainable Engineering
  • Unlocking the magnetic potential of Fe2O3 nanoparticles by single-step synthesis of cobalt-infused nanomaterials for chromium removal

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