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ANSYS mechanical tyre model for the TM700 trelleborg tyre

posted on 2023-07-20, 10:06 authored by Kirsten BraunKirsten Braun

This file contains all data as well as Matlab code which contains the extracted data from ANSYS simulations and the processing thereof. The Matlab code processes the data and removes any prestress that the tyre may have experienced due to being in contact with the test surface. The code plots the force-dispalcement curve which is used to determine/measure the stiffness of the tyre. As the study investigates the effect of wear, these force-displacement curves are plotted for 50% and 100% wear of the tyre tread. In addition, this file contains the experiemental data collected using a static tyre test rig for a TM700 Trelleborg tyre. Matlab code (which is in the file format ending with “.m”. Matlab software is needed, through which you open that file.



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