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Analysis of the relationship between job crafting, support and subjective career success

posted on 2023-11-29, 08:42 authored by Zakiyya GaniZakiyya Gani

This dataset present the study findings which suggests that employees’ subjective career success may be influenced and predicted by internal and external elements of support as well as job crafting. It is therefore imperative that organisations create a culture that encourages job crafting and promotes family-supportive supervisor behaviour amongst their management team.  a cross-sectional survey design to collect data from a sample of dual-earner employees (N = 263). By utilising a convenience and snowball sampling strategy. The data was collected using a cross-sectional survey design from a sample of dual-earner employees (N = 263). Utilising a convenience and snowball sampling strategy, the research questionnaires were administered via the online survey tool Qualtrics. Statistical analyses were conducted by means of SPSS and the Lavaan package of RStudio. 



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