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Canopy cover measurements

posted on 2023-03-02, 13:48 authored by Mhlonishwa ZwaneMhlonishwa Zwane, Nicolette TaylorNicolette Taylor

The focus of this study was to first assess the accuracy of using aerial imagery to quantify canopy size, as compared to scientifically accepted methods for determining canopy size from below the canopy. Secondly, it was to use this data to determine the relationship between canopy size and transpiration and transpiration crop coefficients (Kt) in pecan to improve modelling approaches. Finally, the data was utilized to determine the driving variables for canopy growth at the beginning of the season and canopy senescence at the end of the season, as well as the rate of change of transpiration and Kt values associated with these processes.The aim of the study was to accurately estimate canopy size using fairly simple tools and relate these changes to transpiration and weather conditions, in order to allow for accurate estimations of pecan tree transpiration.


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