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Differential gene expression data with significant genes found in Deladenus siricidicola

posted on 2024-03-28, 11:23 authored by Sumari VenterSumari Venter, Alisa Postma, Bernard SlippersBernard Slippers

File 1: Contains StringTie data that have transcripts for each gene identified in the parasitic samples of Deladenus siricidicola, these were aligned using RNA-seq data.

File 2: Contains the featurecounts data used for differential gene expression analysis.

File 3: Contains all the raw RNA sequencing information for all the samples submitted.

File 4: The MultiCQ report with the HISAT2 data that shows all the sequenced samples and their percentage alignment to the D. siricidicola genome.

File 5: Data containing all the downregulated genes identified from the volcano plot analysis.

File 6: Data containing all the upregulated genes identified from the volcano plot analysis.

File 7: Data from the raw Principal Component Analysis (PCA).

File 8: Significant genes identified from differential gene expression analysis with their corresponding p values.

File 9: Transcripts per kilobase million (TPM) data from expression analysis.

File 10: Significant Z scores for the differentially expressed data.


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