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Expression profiling and pathway analyses of prostate cancer cell lines

posted on 2023-10-31, 13:33 authored by Mandisa MbejeMandisa Mbeje

This dataset is for an MSc study titled 'Molecular profiling of long non-coding RNAs in prostate cancer cell lines' illustrating each of the main components of the project. In this study, RNA from two prostate cancer cell lines (LNCaP and PC-3 cells) was subjected to microarray profiling. The expression of long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) of the two cell lines were compared. The differentially expressed lncRNAs were further analyzed to establish which cancer hallmarks and molecular pathways they are involved in. Their miRNA interactions were further elucidated and a competing endogenous RNA (ceRNA) network was constructed. The data revealed that the differentially expressed lncRNAs are involved in prostate cancer metastasis and proliferation. Their interaction with miRNAs is a mechanism by which these molecules promote cancer progression.


National Research Foundation (NRF)

University of Pretoria (UP) Research Development Programme (RDP) Grant

South African Medical Research Council



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