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Identification and framing of cybersecurity threats

posted on 2022-07-07, 10:06 authored by Thalia AvvakoumidesThalia Avvakoumides


This dataset applies a qualitative approach to cybersecurity threats. In line with a qualitative approach, the dataset is literature-based and is inclusive of the application of analytical frameworks from Hare (2010) and Dunn Cavelty (2015).The analytical frameworks proposed by Hare (2010) and Dunn Cavelty (2015) are adapted to develop an analytical framework which is applicable to South Africa. 

This data relied on both primary and secondary evidence to develop the dataset. The types of resources used in this study included e-books, internet sources, electronic newspaper sources, electronic journals, as well as governmental reports, bills, acts, and speeches delivered in South Africa regarding cybersecurity threats.

The data used is available in the public domain. On the basis that the study was conducted using literature as a means for data collection, an ethical consideration was that all sources were within the public domain and were  referenced. No human subjects were utilised for this study. 



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