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Nutrient value, functional properties, and drying parameters of edible insect protein

posted on 2023-06-13, 11:03 authored by Kieran Yisa NjoweKieran Yisa Njowe

This dataset indicates the drying kinetic models of edible cricket during sun drying, solar cabinet drying, and blanching of edible cricket prior to sun drying and solar cabinet drying. The moisture diffusivity of each drying method was generated using Fick's law of diffusion. The data on nutritional content (amino acid profile, fatty acid content) of whole edible grasshopper, cricket, and caterpillar (six dried forms) were generated using omic tools (LC-MS and GC-MS). The data on the functional properties (WAC, OAC, NSI, EC, ES) of edible insect protein concentrate (defatted whole edible insects using dichloromethane: methanol solvent mix) were generated using high-speed homogenizer in the insect protein concentrate suspension in either water or oil.



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