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Orality in playback theatre: a discourse analysis

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posted on 2022-01-24, 09:33 authored by Zanjam Ngefor ShellaZanjam Ngefor Shella
A story from a playback theatre performance and the enactment of the same story is analysed using James P. Gee's discourse characteristics and Walter J. Ong's orality formulae. The analysis is done by breaking up the story into words and lines to which a discourse characteristics and orality formulae is allocated. This analysis is placed in a table form to indicate how many times a particular characteristic or marker occurs. In this way the most regular occurrences of the markers or formulae can be determined numerically.
The analysis of the narrated story and its' performance is done separately then compared to bring to light the possible discrepancies between the story and the enactment. All names in the story and enactment were changed for ethical reasons.



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