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Pedagogical practices and approaches in teaching siSwati

posted on 2023-07-12, 14:38 authored by Tholakele MngometuluTholakele Mngometulu

The datasets contain the analysis tables of themes and categories generated from an interview and focus group discussion transcripts of participants. The study's approach was qualitative, and the design was a multiple exploratory case study which adopted the interpretive paradigm. To explore pedagogical practices in teaching siSwati as a first language in diverse linguistic settings, semi-structured interviews, a focus group discussion, classroom lesson observations and the analysis of documents were utilised to generate and collect data. Content analysis was employed to analyse data and data were examined against the six constructs of the sociocultural theory, a theory which guided the study. Therefore, the data presented consist of several units: an amalgamation of interview and focus group discussion responses of participants who contributed to the formulation of specific themes addressing the research questions, classroom lesson observation and document analysis data corroborating these themes.


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