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Public school principals' professional discretions and contextual intelligence

posted on 2023-10-04, 09:44 authored by René BeyersRené Beyers

The data presented underpins a PhD study titled 'Professional discretion of public school principals: an education law' perspective. The illustration on Figure 3.1 shows that school principals’ application of appropriate professional discretion cannot exist without them being contextually intelligent and vice versa. Hence, it is of paramount importance for school principals to have knowledge of the interactions between the three competencies, past, present, and future as it enables school principals to apply adequate professional discretion (Marishane, 2020: 2; Kutz, 2008b: 18). Data that underpin study consist of:

Quantitative phase:

Responses to statements regarding principals’ professional discretion. Contributing factors towards respondent’s decision-making.

Qualitative phase:

Demographic and biographic profiles of participating schools and individual participants. Summary of the main themes and sub-themes. Contextual demands placed on school principals’ professional discretion.


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