University of Pretoria

Folake Aluko

Researcher & Instructional Design Supporter (Economics; Education; Other education not elsewhere classified)

Pretoria, South Africa

Dr. Ruth Aluko is the researcher within the Unit for Distance Education at the University of Pretoria. She manages the quality of the institution’s Open Distance Learning programmes. Ruth facilitates training and workshops, at both national and international levels, and is involved in the evaluation of ODL programmes. Ruth is a co-editor of the books Assuring institutional quality in Open Distance Learning (ODL) in the developing contexts (2016) and Exploring dual and mixed-mode provision of distance education (2020). She currently serves on the Editorial Board of Africa Education Review, and she is the President of the National Association of Distance Education in Southern Africa (NADEOSA). Her research focus areas include quality management of ODL programmes, mobile learning, access, social justice, programme evaluation, student support, and teacher professional development. Ruth is a National Research Foundation (NRF) rated researcher, a peer review system that assesses the standing

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